Start-ups & Scale-ups

Rapidly deployed solutions to identify key leadership talent or hire at scale to support growth.

Start-ups often face the unique challenge of having to identify key leadership hires with a skill set that doesn’t currently exist in the organization. Our Leadership Search service supports founders through this process with advice and guidance.

Once the product is proven and the go-to-market strategy is in place, the need to scale up to add resource is often a challenge without an existing talent acquisition infrastructure. A combination of Talent Advisory and Project Recruiting can help an organization rapidly scale as they achieve rounds of funding.


We have created a purpose-built talent solution specifically for early-stage tech start-ups. Designed operationally, commercially and culturally for start-ups, by a start-up.​

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  • Targeted & research-driven recruiting Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and Executives.
  • We will help you develop detailed role requirements, desired outputs and core competencies; we will use this to create a strategic campaign that attracts the leadership talent you are looking for.

Start-ups often have the need to rapidly scale and hire without the in-house capacity to cope. Our on-demand Recruiters can be remote or in your office, ramping up quickly to manage the process of multiple hiring or scale-up projects.


If you are a start-up in need of key leadership talent or rapid hiring, we can help.




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