Start-ups & Scale-ups

Rapidly deployed solutions to identify key leadership talent or hire at scale to support growth.

Start Ups often face the unique challenge of having to identify key leadership hires with a skill set that doesn’t currently exist in the organization.

Our Leadership Search service supports founders through this process with advice and guidance.

Once the product is proven and the go-to-market strategy is in place, the need to scale up to add resource is often a challenge without an existing talent acquisition infrastructure. A combination of Talent Advisory and Project Recruiting can help an organization rapidly scale as they achieve rounds of funding.


Leadership Search for key senior hires.

Talent Advisory on all aspects of the Recruiting process, focusing on:

  • Sourcing Channels
  • Employment Brand
  • Candidate Experience
  • Assessment Processes
  • On-Boarding

On-Demand Recruiters, remote or in your office managing the process for volume hiring or scale-up projects.


If you are a start-up or scale-up in need of key leadership talent or rapid hiring, we can help.


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