Bringing the best to your business


Targeted & research-driven search solutions for management, leadership and executive talent.


Our leadership search experts will help you attract and engage the best leadership talent in the market. We will help you develop detailed role requirements, desired outputs and core competencies, then use this to create a strategic campaign that attracts the executive talent you are looking for.

Our Focus: Our sector focus is digital, media, consumer, entertainment or high growth tech-enabled companies. We also support companies going through major transformation projects.

Functions: People/HR, Sales, Marketing & Customer Success, Technology/Engineering, Operations, Change, Transformation & Strategy, Finance.

Level: Whatever “Leadership” means in your organization, from Senior Manager, VP, MD through to the C-Suite, we will work with you to agree on relevant targets where the right talent resides and apply our research-driven approach to identifying and attracting the right talent to your business.

Capability & Track Record

Our team have led In-House Talent Acquisitions and Executive Recruiting functions as well as working as external Search Consultants. We don’t just understand the external talent market, we understand the internal challenges of Leadership Recruiting.

Our approach to the market

Because we take a detailed brief at the start of the process and know the market in advance, we can deliver initial “calibration” candidates in the first week. By approaching the market immediately you can start interviewing within 2 weeks, cutting out exhaustive rounds of research. We tailor the hiring process to clients and we’re transparent with our timelines. A robust candidate summary is provided with a detailed interview focused on career motivations and tangible achievements relevant to you and your position. We also provide qualitative feedback from the talent market.

Candidate experience

A professional initial approach with follow up and feedback provided – always.
Transparent timeline and expectations.
Advice and feedback through each step of the process.


We take a more flexible approach to pricing our search work than the traditional 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 retained model.

Interim cover

If you need an Interim to cover a role as we search for it, we can typically provide that also.