Managed Service Provision

MSP solutions for your non-permanent workforce

Our industry recognised MSP experts are here to navigate the often hidden world of contingent labour spend and assume the responsibility of sourcing, engaging and administrating non-permanent workforces. This leaves you with complete confidence in your ability to report on spend, activity and governance of this essential workforce.

With a singular commercial model and improved governance infrastructures, our MSP service improves control and managing costs, increase brand visibility and gives you access to the non-permanent talent needed to achieve your digital transformation goals.

None of this is possible without 15 years of experience in payrolling thousands of workers every year.

Benefits of our MSP solution include:

Industry experience gained from our existing digital, content and entertainment client portfolio has meant that we are experts in the niche legislation and needs of this industry as well as more traditional corporate hiring requirements.

Our Centre of Excellence manages change across our MSP & RPO programmes while measuring and continuously improving all our processes and outcomes. Our Centre of Excellence is an investment and commitment we take to ensure our clients stay ahead of competitors in the race for the best candidates.

CuriousDNA is the essence of who and what we are at RTM. Our clients choose us because of it. We hire, train, reward and celebrate employees who demonstrate curiosity in the workplace.

Unlike many other recruitment businesses, Rethink Group brands co-exist and thrive together as a partnership that keeps confidential what needs to be kept confidential but shares best practices and know-how to the benefit of all our clients.

Sourcing centres in Bristol and Birmingham where our specialists attract, engage, screen and submit the best candidates to our dedicated onsite teams all over the UK and beyond.

RTM has retained and hired some of the most knowledgeable and experienced leaders in the industry. This team has built and managed hundreds of RPO, MSP and internal recruitment teams both regionally and globally across multiple industries.


If you are looking to reduce the cost and complexity of contractor and 
supplier management without sacrificing on quality, we can help. We are embedded in some of the world’s most prominent brands.


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