Advisory Services

Strategic diagnostics and advice on how to improve your ability to meet and exceed your business recruitment needs.


With the experience of building and running recruitment functions for hundreds of global brands, our Recruitment Diagnostics service is designed and delivered by our Centre of Excellence (CoE) and leadership team to be scaled to meet your budgetary and operational needs.

Through competitor analysis and competency benchmarking, our review process identifies, analyses and redesigns your recruitment capability to achieve tangible improvements in critical performance measures such as cost per hire, quality of hire, time to hire and candidate/hiring manager experience.

Typical outputs include:

  • Recruitment Diagnostics and performance measurements report
  • Recruitment best-practice benchmarks
  • SWOT analysis
  • Human resources workshop on tactical initiatives
  • Strategic initiative business-case support

Additional outputs in line with the scope of service include:

  • IR35 Risk Assessment
  • Total Cost of Recruitment Analysis
  • Specialist recruitment component reports:
    • Employer Branding
    • Social Media Attraction Strategies
    • Diversity Audit
    • Recruitment Technology
    • Assessment

If you are curious about existing processes or looking to transform and optimize your talent strategy, we can help. Our expert team has transformed talent capabilities for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

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